The best quality calfskin strap in high imitation watches

As I said in the previous article, this Audemars Piguet waterproof design also has a specially-designed waterproof firmware on the back cover. This is also the most important waterproof part of the back cover part, which can completely wrap the eight screws of the back cover. Seal the entire bottom cover with the screws tightened.

The back cover screw is a barrel screw with a thread on the inside to meet the screw of the front cover. The inside of the screw is matt finish and the appearance is perfectly polished. The three sets of 24 screws are completed replica watches, and there are 4 layers of waterproof firmware in the middle of them to waterproof the watch. Although it is a 1;1 production, but has to admire the founder of the brand of Audemars Piguet for the design of the watch design, the perfect creation of a new installation in the watch industry, you can say it is clumsy, troublesome, difficult to repair Various accidents and defects, such as high accident rate, high firmware loss rate, etc.

However, he perfectly innovated a new way of expressing the case. Without purchasing the patents of any other watch factory, he solved the problem of having to purchase patents in a series of watch industry, such as waterproofing and locking. I I believe this is not Aegis's original idea of ​​saving money, but the obsession with the art of watchmaking, creating complex and individuality fake watches, which is also a persistent attachment of Audemars Piguet as a century-old family watchmaking company.

The best quality calfskin strap in the high imitation watches table, the fake crocodile skin, although the appearance looks good, but there are some harder textures. Here I recommend you watch friends, order a crocodile leather strap that you like to replace.